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Looking for a future full of the best hair days?! The Great Hair Kit has it all—it’s our bestselling hair care line all wrapped up in one easy bundle.

What’s inside the kit!

Meet your Great Hair Kit

Your kit includes everything you need to support a healthy scalp and nourish your hair. The Great Hair Kit includes a full size Shampoo, Conditioner and your choice of Dry Shampoo. You’ll have the locks of your dreams and more time to have fun—so, smile big and get ready for great hair days!

Natural Lavender

Get every strand of your hair clean without damaging it with our Natural Lavender Shampoo. It’s infused with all the good stuff like rosemary essential oil to nourish and protect your strands!

Natural Lavender

Go for volume, shine and bounce with our Natural Lavender Conditioner. This conditioner smoothes split-ends, tames the frizzies, and leaves your hair feeling smooth, soft and hydrated.

Dry Shampoo

Go longer between wash days with our USDA certified organic Dry Shampoo. Made with all natural ingredients and zero chemicals, this Dry Shampoo comes in light and dark hair formulations.


Great hair days ahead!

Go clean and green with your hair care routine with your very own Great Hair Kit. You’ll have great hair days all season long.

*While supplies last