Eczema Healing Kit

Eczema is a sign your body is out of balance and this kit will help you better identify and understand the cues your body is giving you. Combined with the latest evidenced-based research on skin health, the Eczema Healing Kit takes a whole-health approach as we examine the impact nutrition, diet, gut health, sleep, stress and other lifestyle factors have on your skin. 

Healing Guide: An 80+ page comprehensive guide that educates on the various causes of eczema and how to alleviate them naturally, through dietary, supplement and lifestyle suggestions.

Healing Videos: The Eczema Healing Kit features comprehensive videos to take your learning to another level. Learn all about your microbiome, and how to support it. PLUS! Two nutritious recipe videos!

Eczema Healing Action Plan: Put your healing knowledge into action! This 35-page Action Plan is complete with worksheets, challenges and a list of recommended supplements to support your healing (brand and dosage included).


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