Dry Skin Brush - Large (13")


Dry brushing is an excellent way to detoxify your body by way of gentle exfoliation through “brushing” off dead skin cells. It allows toxins to move out of your skin more efficiently which makes your skin have more of a glowy, revitalized appearance! It’s also a great ritual to add to your self-care routine!

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Everything you need to know about this Dry Skin Brush


Dry skin brushing is safe for all skin types. Avoid nipples and sensitive areas.


Each Dry Skin Brush is ethically and sustainably produced in Sri Lanka by women in villages who are given flexible working hours and never discriminated against based on their religion, language or caste.

naturally made

Sisal fibers are extracted from the Agava sisalana plant which are strong and durable, and do not easily absorb moisture.

get your glow on

Brush your way to revitalized skin!

Dry skin brushing improves your overall circulation, and while it’s doing that, it supplies the brain with oxygen. It also boosts your energy through increased blood flow. The best part? It takes less than ten minutes, and is an easy self-care ritual that is safe for daily use.

HOW IT WORKS: Your body detoxifies constantly by way of organs, glands and transportation systems, including your lymphatic system! But unlike your circulatory system, your lymphatic system does not have a pump, increasing the need for Dry Skin Brushing to help stimulate circulation. By doing so, you can better eliminate toxins through your skin, boost immunity and get your glow on!

So we know that dry skin brushing stimulates the lymphatic system, but what does that even mean? Here’s what it means for you!

Improved circulation: Dry skin brushing supplies the brain with oxygen, promotes cell growth and organ function.

Get clear, glowing skin thanks through gentle exfoliation, allowing toxins to be excreted through the skin.

Reduced appearance of cellulite: Toxins are stored in fat and when we dry skin brush, it helps to eliminate toxins that might otherwise lead to cellulite

Boosted immunity! If the lymph system is not flowing properly, the immune system can’t effectively kill invading foreign particles and microorganisms; another reason to stimulate the lymphatic system!

Increased energy! Dry skin brushing increases blood flow gives us a joyous boost of energy!

HOW TO DRY SKIN BRUSH: Starting at your feet and with a circular motion, move your way up toward your heart. Spend more time where you have lymph nodes like the insides of your knees, elbows, tummy and armpits. When you get to your chest, do not dry brush your nipples, nor any sensitive areas. For more dry skin brushing tips, watch this video.

Best time to Dry skin Brush: Dry skin brushing is a great self-care ritual to do before a bath/shower. It’s important to nourish your skin after dry skin brushing. We suggest following up with an ultra moisturizing Body Butter to seal in moisture.

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